5 Blogging Tips For Beginners – How to Start Your Blog and Get Visitors

On the face of it. blogging is easy. You just tap away, the search engines crawl all over your website and surfers find your words of wisdom. Of course, things aren’t always quite as easy so here are some blogging tips for beginners to make your new blogging career as successful as possible.

1. Get your blog looking nice

OK, I know you’re itching to get started writing but if your site looks like a dogs dinner, no-one is going to be impressed when they reach it. Invest a little bit of time in choosing a theme that looks attractive but at the same time isn’t cluttered. Not too many people enjoy reading red text on a green background for instance. If you’re not sure, stick with a plain but stylish design rather than try to force too many design elements into a cramped space.

2. Check the setup is OK

By this I mean things like “permalinks” which dictate how the pages on your blog are named. They’re not intuitive by default on WordPress, so change your permalink structure to a custom one that reads /%postname%/

Other settings should also be checked such as how often each post is pinged (once is preferable) and where it’s pinged to – you can download lists of different ping services but don’t go over the top on these as most of the main sites ping the minor ones anyway. Pinging is an easy way of telling the search engines you’ve written something new and you should see the spiders crawling all over your new content when you write it.

3. Submit your feed

Yes, I know, this still isn’t writing content! You automatically have an RSS feed when you create a blog – it’s usually just the main url followed by /feed/

Submit this to the main feed sites and they’ll get the word out from your blog to other places in the blogosphere, helping you to publicise your blog and make it more popular.

4. Don’t drone on

Keep your posts to a reasonable length. This will depend a bit on your personality and also the topic you’re covering but it’s better to keep things concise that drone on for what seems like War and Peace. Split long paragraphs up. Use bullet points. Use videos and images. Make your page interesting so that even if it is a long post, it doesn’t seem that way because your readers have become engrossed in what you have to say.

5. Make your titles interesting

If your titles sound like something out of your school English lesson, chances are that they’re boring. Remember that your titles are the first thing your readers will see, either on your blog or when they find you in the search engines. The more interesting your title, the more likely people are to click on it. Of course, your blog article then has to live up to the promise of the title but that should be easy enough as you’ve already given yourself a good starting point.

3 Tips For Setting Up a Professional Yet Fun Business Blog

Every business needs a blog today! If it is well done and updated frequently it will give you a place to personally interact with members of your target market. You will pass on information that they want to know and find valuable and they will engage you, get to know you, and in many cases click through to your website and see what else you have to offer them.

Pick Your Focus

Blogs that feature posts scattered on a variety of subjects do not attract steady return readers the way tightly focused blogs do. You want to tap into a subject that is directly related to your business and stay on that topic for every post. This doesn’t mean you can’t inject your own personality and wit. It just means that every post should be related in some manner to one subject.

For instance, if you have a store selling fashion bedding sets and coordinating bedroom accessories you could make your blog the stylish must-stop haven for everything related to decorating a bedroom. Every post will be on that topic but of course you have a wide range of ideas to play with.

Your faithful readers will come back over and over to find information on keeping their bedrooms fresh and fashionable, but you will lose them if you suddenly start posting about an eBook on how to stop a dog from barking. That eBook may be helpful to you, but this blog is for your readers.

Design a Visually Pleasing Page

Your blog page should not be boring nor should it be overdone. You have to strike a middle ground where readers feel a warm welcome and a sense that professional information will be found here, without them becoming distracted by images, dancing characters, and other design gimmicks. All design elements should evoke a mood related to your subject or support the topic of your blog.

For instance, if you are doing this blog to advertise a business selling cookie meal replacements you may have a brown and white color scheme with some small cookies in the corners along with other branding information on the page. You want your readers to know you put some thought into creating the page so they don’t dismiss it as a fly-by-night operation trying to sell them something…because this is a blog packed with information, so it’s not a direct hard sell!

Go Web 2.0

Make use of videos, images and audio streams every so often. Studies have shown that blogs and websites that use video have more sticking power, which simply means visitors hang around the site longer. You want your blog to open up discussions between you and your readers and videos are a fun way to do this.

For instance, if you are writing a blog about internet marketing you could take a great video from YouTube which features a fun interactive lesson on marketing and feature it on your blog along with some side notes from you. It is a fun way to grab attention from your visitors and will even save you some time on days you can’t get out a full post on your own.

Your blog is different from your website because of its ability to open up the lines of communication between you are your readers. Use it to establish yourself as the authority in your field and you will find many readers coming back for more and more.

Make Your Business Blog More Interesting With a Little Style

Since making your own blog for your business is a completely free form of Internet marketing, and a very effective one at that, it makes sense that your should take full advantage of it. And that’s why your blog should be stylish, fun to read, and attractive.

Take a look at some other blogs on the Internet, especially your favorite ones, if you’re an avid reader. What do you see them doing? In addition to text blogging, there are images, catchy titles, clever writing, and places to leave comments and otherwise participate. You can easily add these features to your own blog, thus making your blogging more effective and attractive to customers.

Add a few pictures to liven your blog up. Post a new picture every other entry, and even include a link to Flickr, an image-sharing site, where you create another profile for your business and spread the word via a completely different source.

And you don’t have to hire a specialist or a designer to improve your blog. It’s very easy to do on your own, so save yourself the money and research a little on your own. Adding features to your blog is quite simple, and does not take a lot of time. A more attractive, presentable blog will definitely attract more readers and customers than an uninteresting, bland blog.

With image editing software, you can create logos or designs to use for your blog, and insert photos as well. If your business has an inventory or physical location, consider using some pictures of these to liven up your blog. Customers love to see the product and get a feel for the business.

Are you really interested in driving massive traffic to your website?

Tricks to Use Blogs Effectively

Talented writers and artists found an easy medium to gain recognition – BLOGS! But there are some who struggle accessing and using them. A little patience, curiosity and willingness to search will make your blogging experience happy.

Click on all the options available on the page and read the instructions. Every page has detailed explanation on several features and how to operate them. The more you practice, the more comfortable you would grow with your blogging.

Here are some tips that people often forget to follow:

Simple yet Stylish:

Backdrop or the ‘THEME’ of the blog is the first thing that people would notice. Bloggers try to make it extravagant by choosing vibrant and loud themes. Unless it suites your writing skills there is no such necessity. If you are writing on a theme that is bold and overtly upbeat then a vibrant theme would be apt.

If you really want people to register your writing skills then keep your theme simple. More importantly if you are posting images or videos on the blogs then you should stick to basic and simple theme. This will keep the readers glued to your blog.

Sectioning Blogs:

Readers would appreciate organized blogs. Section your different works under a single blog. For instance you might write on food. Within this you can create different categories like vegetarian and non vegetarian, so on and so forth. There are ample blogs, but if you wish recognition you need to stand out. Make it simple and straightforward as much as you can.


People love keeping a random or impromptu style. But planning is what would help you to ensure success. Updating your work on daily basis will project your interest and enthusiasm. If you continue with dedication, it will pay in the future. Over some time you would be allowed to add the option of monetizing your blog. This will help to earn some money.

Sharing Links:

There are various networking channels like Facebook, Google+ etc. Let your friends and relatives know about your work. You can send chats or messages that carries link of your blog. This will help you to build a community. The more visitors to your blog, the more popular would be your blog.

7 Retailers With Exceptional Blogs

1. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter describes itself as the “premier global online retail destination for men’s style” – meaning they sell men’s clothing from high fashion brands.

There are a ton of companies doing this – including the brands themselves – so why is Mr. Porter so successful? Simply because of their intense focus on editorial content on men’s fashion & lifestyle that perfectly complements its products.

That’s right – blogging is not just for women. Men are just as good of a market to blog for.

Why it’s Exceptional

Mr. Porter’s blog

The Journal is the ultimate men’s style source. Remember J. Peterman’s outlandish product descriptions from Seinfeld? This is the tactic that Mr. Porter has taken – albeit in a good way – that has given them such success. Every week, they publish their lists of the top fashions – a recent article went into great detail about “Bold Knits” and how men like Kurt Cobain and Robert Redford wore them impeccably.

They also write lifestyle articles aimed directly at their target market. Think of the young affluent male shopper: He’s not only thinking of fashion but also of which exotic destination to travel to next and possibly about getting married – as most do around a certain age. The Journal goes into the mind of these shoppers with articles about these topics written by the target market themselves.

2. Allstate

While not a typical “blog”, Allstate’s Teen Driver Program on their website is a great source of information and activity for teen drivers – and their parents – who are planning to get their license. They provide helpful videos and games for teens to help them learn how to drive, while at the same time providing helpful information to overly-anxious parents – think of it as Shrek in the form of an insurance website.

Why it’s Exceptional

Allstate is providing content that targets customers at exactly the right time – when they will be getting their license for the first time and will also be needing insurance. Once they feel the euphoria of getting that license they will be very inclined to think of Allstate as the place to get insurance from – after all, they helped them get access to the car they are now insuring.

The content – specifically the games – that they’re providing is fun! Teenagers don’t want to read another textbook on how to drive, so providing an interactive game for them to learn from is the perfect way to get them engaged.

3. Bluefly

Bluefly has a few blogs that talk about the usual fashion news – but their BlueTube channel is truly unique & exceptional content.

Have you ever wanted to look into the closets of your favorite Reality TV stars? BlueTube gives you direct access to their closets – giving you an intimate look into their life.

Why it’s Exceptional

It’s personal and intimate. For fashion enthusiasts the closet is their sanctuary – and getting direct access to trendsetter’s closets is like getting invited to the cool kid’s house. If you can give your customers an inside look at someone whose opinion they value highly, they will eat it up.

4. Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a beautifully crafted line of products that ranges from clothing to furniture – creating a complete lifestyle brand. It’s blog – the MAGAZINE – includes rich articles about artists, locations and products that ooze craftsmanship and beauty.

Why It’s Exceptional

The articles always contain high quality content about little-known things of interest. Reading Anthropologie’s blog makes you feel like you have an inside look into a brand new world you never knew about before. The recent article about the founders of Nashville-based Imogene + Willie give you an in-depth look at the time and care that goes into all of their pieces and makes you fall in love with them. It gives you an appreciation for fine craftsmanship – the type of craftsmanship sold by Anthropologie.

5. Walmart

Last year Walmart recruited a young fashionista named Shauna Miller to start Penny Chic – a blog for fashion-conscious women on a budget. The blog details how you look stylish without spending a ton of cash – even going as far as comparing pricey items to similar – but much cheaper ones.

Why it’s Exceptional

They are doing the perfect thing for their brand – and something that is very important for most of their customers – which is showing that their inexpensive clothing items can be fashionable. While not every piece of clothing is from Walmart (which is smart), they all put shoppers into the mindset that cheap is good (and no one is cheaper than Walmart!).


DKNY is a social media powerhouse. At this past year’s Fashion 2.0 Awards they took home the awards for Best Twitter account and Best Blog – both of which are brought to us by the DKNY PR Girl, “Your well-placed source bringing you behind-the-scenes scoop from inside Donna Karan New York & DKNY and my life as a PR girl living in NY.” It’s basically a reality TV show in text/image form.

Why it’s Exceptional

For anyone with a slight interest in fashion, the brand PR Girl is known as the one who leads the crazy lifestyle of hobnobbing with celebrities and socialites while jet-setting around the world (or something like that). The combined Twitter & Tumblr of the DKNY PR Girl keeps you hooked with constant real-time updates of this lifestyle – to any person interested in the fashion world – this is like having exclusive access to the biggest events in fashion.

It focuses on the New York lifestyle – which DKNY items are a prerequisite for. As we have already learned above, portraying a desirable lifestyle that requires your products is the best way to get customers to buy.

7. The Home Depot

Home Depot has run in-store home renovation classes for years – and recently has moved to put those online with the invention of online video. Their blog – The Apron – is a complete source for anyone looking to hang a picture or build a deck.

Why it’s Exceptional

The Home Depot is making itself the complete online source for home renovation information – which is something that people will always need and have a very hard time finding out for themselves – I personally can barely use a hammer.

By making their website a place where homeowners constantly come for advice – it will ultimately become the place that they purchase their tools and materials to do those renovations.

Still Don’t Know how to Start?

Just pick something related to your brand that you’re passionate about and start blogging!

Talk about how your products are made, how to use them, and cool ways in which other people are already using them.

The key thing to remember is that a blog should be used to make you a trusted source, not just a place to push your products. Keep this in mind and you’ll have a new sales channel in no time.

tylish and FabuLESS

“Elegance is not measured by the type of clothes, but by the attitude when it’s worn.” – Anna Santos

CLOTHING – second to the most important basic human need (as food being the first). Having said as a basic need, it means everyone must have it for protection of the bare human skin. The types of clothing needed differ from one culture to another, mainly due to religious practices, changing weather, varying seasons, etc. Similarly, fashion has contributed a big role in influencing the evolutionary changes in the clothing demands – be it either a “want” or a “need.” And because we are in the technologically inclined era, everyone is extremely exposed to all sorts of stores (online and offline), latest fashion, and great deals that make “staying away” from them extremely difficult.

Self-discipline comes to play the biggest role in every decision to define between “wants” and “needs.”

I believe that being fashionable does not need to be expensive. Here are my basic tips to be frugal, yet stylish and fabuLESS:

End-of-season purchase. Stores wish to minimize piles of unsold stocks, so they almost would give their items away by selling them from 50 to 80% off. YES! This much – better than paying huge storage fees. When planning to buy something that you’ll need in the future, e.g., winter jackets or even summer clothes, buy when the season is almost over to catch the very best deals. Select bigger sizes for kids because they grow fast.
Buy clothes that don’t need much or no ironing at all. As we know, ironing the clothes weakens the fabric. Also, it saves you money on electric bills from not needing to press all the time.
Pick neutral colours. This will enable you to mix and match with other pieces and accessories that you already have.
To hand- or machine-wash. Separate which clothes need hand- or machine-washing. By doing this, the durability and lifespan of the textile can be prolonged. Also, observe colour segregation when washing.
Avoid bleaching. Bleaching is proven to weaken the fabric. It will also ruin its original colour.
Minimize using a machine dryer. Clothes tend to stretch or narrow when using a machine dryer. It is still best to sun- or air-dry when possible. Color and texture are also maintained.
Fold immediately. Either machine- or sun-dryed, make an effort to fold washed clothes immediately to prevent from crumpling too much so ironing is less necessary. This is most applicable to jeans and other tops, but some clothes still need to be ironed though!
Recycle. Create another item out of the unwanted old clothing. Old tops can be sewn into bed covers, pillow cases, bags, coin purse, etc. Faded old pants can be converted into shorts.
Hand-me-down items. This is one of the most common economical ways to save on clothing, shoes, jackets, etc. When planning to have more than one child, preserve the clothes appropriately for the next. Though colour may be a concern for the baby’s gender, it’s safer to purchase unisex items.
Donate. Let the less fortunate enjoy too. But make sure to give away stuff that are still in good shape, something wearable. Nothing can beat the joy of sharing.
Buy adjustable items. Unless you are sure that your body size will not change, consider buying clothes one size up. It’s easier to adjust and repair bigger sizes when needed.
Accessorize. This is the best strategy to diversify new look and style by adding scarves, belts, blazers, jewelries, etc. It also gives you the benefit of not getting noticed wearing old and almost the same clothes.
Sell old stuff. When closet tends to run out of space, check for items that need to be parted with or given away. Thrift stores are one of the best avenues to sell old clothes and accessories to generate money. Even at lower costs, monetizing from dust-generating items is better than stuck.
Sew your own. If you have the skills, consider to sew your own, either by hand or machine.
Custom-made. If unable to make your own, it is still way cheaper to have a special dress custom-made than a ready-to-wear. You can also have the benefit of its perfect fit and the style and colour that you want.
Rent. Though some others say that an important occasion only happens once, but it is worth renting a dress, gown, or a suite for a special occasion than buying because you never know when to wear it again or worst, it will be hanging in the closet forever.
Bulk-buying. This applies to the items that need frequent use like kids’ school shirts, shorts, socks, etc.
Check care instructions. Every item has a “care instruction” tag attached. Make sure to read it prior to washing and ironing.
Hang or fold clothes properly. Hanging or folding makes you look at your clothes nice to the eye. It gives you an easier scanning to plan ahead for the next day or occasion. It is also good for hygienic purposes.
Maintain cleanliness of storage/closet. Making the closet properly arranged and cleaned will prevent any insects from invading; thus, preserving the clean and fresh scent of the clothes.
Get what you’ve paid for. Some think that items like shoes are better bought cheap based on the price and not the quality. Since shoes are one of the most used items, it is smarter to pay a little bit more so that the quality is not compromised. Most cheap items turn out to be short-lived.

To summarize, it is still vital to impose the right attitude. Exercise L-E-S-S.

Free Blog Layouts – Look Here For No Cost Good Quality Designs

Whenever I’m advising someone to put a new niche blog network, one of the first things we do is take a look at some of the premium themes (fee based themes) that are on the market, and see if any of them are complimentary to their aesthetic preferences. I’m a big believer in the idea of building with the best “materials” from the ground floor up, especially if you want good, clean lines, want to sell the sites down the road, and are a complete and utter design and code idiot like myself…

But, more often than not, most people like to start out using free blog layouts, as there are now SO many good ones out there, at times, it can be hard to differentiate between the paid ones, and the free versions that are often only a slender shred down the presentational pretty totem pole.

Quite honestly, if you can’t afford a premium theme ( usually between $40-$300 for a commonly distributed template) you can almost ALWAYS find a pretty close version of that theme from the same designer, usually for free, in his or her stable of no cost releases before they had a popular name. If you go back and look at some of the REALLY popular designers that are charging for WordPress themes these days, almost each one as a pretty thick portfolio of FREE themes they were giving away just last year. And if you look real close under the hood…..you’ll see the free blog layouts they are offering are not only great looking, they’re also not that much different than the ones they are selling today!

Obviously you can use the search engines to find good themes, too. Another sneaky recommendation that I have used for some of my own personal themes is to search for
“WordPress design competitions” or whatever blogging platform you are using. I have found some absolutely KILLER templates that almost no one is using, simply by looking for artistic types who are coding templates for fun, not for profit..:-) And when I tell you a few of these free ones are stunning, UNIQUE and on some of my favorite sites within my own network, that says something…considering I’ve dropped the cash on just about every paid premium package that’s out there..:-)

The beauty of using free blogging software, is that the people behind it’s creation, and those that like to tinker underneath the hood, are often creative, passionate and exceptionally generous. They also feel a commitment to the larger community, and as such – their contributions to it allow people with a dunce cap for a designers touch look like me look FAR more stylish than we really are! Have fun, and happy blogging!

Best Blogging – Announcing 5 Challenging Blogging

A few years back, as a blogger you would have looked like another guy out there without any serious job to do. But with the advent of techniques for making blogs generate revenue and advancement in web marketing techniques, a blogger has come to be seen as a potential marketer, a potential earner. But the sophistication brought in has made many bloggers to face challenges to get the maximum productivity of their blogs. Let’s see some of the challenges and the ways to overcome them here…

1. As a blogger the first challenge you face is, taking the niche to work upon in your blog. This step actually fails many bloggers. My advice is to spend as much time and research as possible in deciding upon the area or field of market you are to be working on. Choose the best suitable field for you that have many potential products to be advertised and has a contemporary growth graph.

2. Manner of writing: Once you have done the first step well, you can have the blog written, in the nicest way, putting in the best effort you can. Write in a way so that readers are interested, make it likable by making it uniquely stylish, informative and packaged.

3. Advertisers: Check out the available advertisers and products related to your niche out there and bring the adsenses, banner ads and polling ads… and whatever into your blog section. These are the best way to increase productivity. Use as much as possible respecting the patience of readers and aesthetics of the blog. Optimize the number of ads. AdSense has evolved as a general standard in these aspects.

4. Exposure: Advertise your blog in all ways possible. Get it known to all your friends, link it from all others blogs if possible, friend’s website. Use friend lists in social networks, Email lists… etc. too

5. Once you have done the above steps well, the other challenge id within you. Test of your patience. You will have your patience tested as the profits are not easily realizable and surely not as quickly as you expect. So handle this challenge with your patience. You will come to know that truly patience pays! And well too…

Why Fashion Blogs Are So Important For Online Fashion Retailers

A fashion blog is a great way for online retailers to create lots of regular, relevant fashion content for their website. It serves three important purposes, to provide a service and information for readers that will make them want to visit the site again, to help optimise the website and increase its search engine rankings and traffic for relevant key words and to provide a showcase and information on the sites products which help increase the conversion rate. Fashion is all about being up to the minute and it is important that that everything you do including your methods of communications end the right message about your company. Blogging is currently a very fashionable and trendy form of communication.

A fashion blog will add credibility to fashion website by showing that the company is up with the latest trends and knows about the fashion industry. It can talk to customers in an appropriate language and tone and is a great way of communicating with the younger fashion consumers that have enjoy reading blogs. A big attraction of blogs for readers is the speed at which they can be updated allowing them to give up the minute information on the latest trends and styles.

Search engines love blogs, partly because of the huge amount of content and partly because they are frequently updates. A fashion blog about the latest trends or fashions will naturally include lots of relevant keywords so will be great for bringing lots of interested customers to a website. In fact recent findings by Heathcote Communications suggest that fashion blogs give a much higher ROI than many other forms of Internet marketing including pay per click. It all comes back to that old SEO mantra ‘content is king’.

Finally a blog allows the retailer to showcase their products and help in your customers in their decision making process. You can give them information on how to wear your clothes and what combinations go together well. Also how your clothes relate to current fashions and trends giving the customer assurance that they will look stylish and up to the minute in the clothes that they choose to purchase.

In the competitive industry of fashion and the current global economy, a successful online retailer will be one that takes advantage of every opportunity available to them and stays ahead of the game with the latest and most innovative methods of communication. A fashion blog is an ideal way for online fashion retailers to do so and drive traffic and sales to their website.

This article was written by Ceri Heathcote. Heathcote Communications offer a variety of bespoke solutions to fashion brands and online retailers. Whether you are looking to increase traffic to your website, increase your profile or create a buzz about your products or brand, Heathcote Communciations can help. We work to increase sales and company profile for fashion related companies and companies selling fashion related products.

Use Personal Blog WordPress Themes to Build a Polished Blog

WordPress is the powerful tool used by millions of bloggers all over the world to create a powerful and professional website/blogs. It is the major open source blogging tool and content management system, and it has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. With the help of these themes, we can create anything from a simple one page website to a fully functional ecommerce website. WordPress Themes are the best to create any kind of blog either personal blog or professional blog. To create a striking blog is very imperative, in view of what sort of blog you are interested in creating, and Personal Blog WordPress theme can be used to create the best personal blog, where you can give your personal information which can be shared by your loved ones, family and friends. These personal blogs can be very useful for those who stay far from their family, through this sites they can see their family and also get updated with things happening in their homeland. Creating a beautiful website by using classy Personal Blog WordPress Themes is the major aspect you need to consider if the web designer is looking to create more stylish and elegant website.

Conversely, WordPress is offering a wide range of free themes but millions of other websites are also providing themes. But many other sites which provide free themes may not be reliable and the theme are not totally functional and they may not look professional as well. Thus, to create a unique looking website that is different from the others in the crowd, you must look for a website where you get the premium quality themes which are filled with all built-ins, plug-ins and all features, and functional ones so that you can create a beautiful blog within no time. With the best premium quality yet free Personal Blog WordPress, you can present a unique website to your friends and family to enjoy and share the joy along with you.

Custom themes normally include features and plug-ins that are handy and help us to create our site more easily. But, the free WordPress themes look simple and graceful, and user friendly, by modifying the themes you can provide a personal identity to your website. It will also helpful to choose the color scheme for your site as color schemes often depend on the logo. You can easily make an impression with a unique design. It will encourage others to create their own personal blog and share the information with their near and dear ones. A unique WordPress theme design always creates an impression and many people get inspired to build blog using these unique designs. Through this Personal blogs you can express yourself and share the blessed moments with family and friends who are far from you by using the best and unique Person Blog WordPress Themes.